Our Commitment

Making delicious and nutritious food didn’t happen by accident. Cheri has been committed to creating all-natural products from fresh fruits and vegetables for her family for over a quarter century. She continues this commitment to her customers who expect and deserve superior quality and flavor in every product Cheri produces.

Only the freshest, naturally ripened produce goes into the making of her preserves. As a family owned business, we remain committed to hand-harvesting our produce and using pure cane sugar to naturally preserve the product rather than using additives, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring. You can count on every product of Cheri’s to be pure, natural and consistent.

Our Guarantee

We GUARANTEE your satisfaction!

Cheri’s Desert Harvest remains in business because of so many satisfied customers around the world. If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of Cheri’s products, please call and we will promptly send a refund or replacement at no additional cost to you. We will always stand behind our product and will make sure you are so pleased that you not only share them with family and friends, but you will ask your neighborhood grocer to carry the product line.

Thank you for purchasing Cheri’s!