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Staying Connected

Cheri’s family and business are very active in the Tucson community with charity events that serve or benefit local, national, and international communities. She dedicates a lot of time to supporting two special charities, Father’s Day Council Tucson, which generates funds for research and education on juvenile diabetes, and BAG IT, a program providing information and education to newly diagnosed individuals with cancer and their families.

Father’s Day Council

For twenty years Cheri was active on the Father’s Day Council – Tucson board. This board nominates 4 to 5 outstanding men in the community who support family values and have been exemplary fathers. Money generated from a gala event is donated to the Steele Children’s Research Center for juvenile diabetes research and education. Since 1994, the Father’s Day Council Tucson has donated more than millions to this worthwhile cause. The research findings done at Steele have helped so many children in our community and around the world. For information and the history of this organization, go to

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Bag It!

BAG IT is a non-profit organization committed to providing information and support to individuals with cancer. It is designed to help them cope with their diagnosis, and empower them to become an active member of the treatment team. Cheri’s sister-in-law, Sherri Romanoski, created this organization after being diagnosed with cancer herself. Since its inception, and with a small army of volunteers, BAG IT has supported thousands of individuals throughout the state of Arizona. To learn more about this wonderful organization and how it may become a part of your own community, go to

Giving Back

As a former teacher, Cheri believes that an informed community is a healthier community. She dedicates time to speak to children, teachers, and adult groups that are interested in expanding their knowledge of the desert and its bounty. Cheri’s lectures take her guests on a visual and verbal journey to learn about the fruits of the desert, their health benefits, and the harvesting, processing, and packaging of the finished product. Her guests complete the lecture with a tasting experience of her flavorful jellies, marmalades, honey, and candy.

Cheri at community board presentation